Human Animal League

The Human Animal League is in the process of adopting a new identity: Mountain Shadows Equine Revival! Our mission here is to make the undervalued horses valued. Here at HAL/Mountain Shadows, we believe a horse’s best defense against ending up in a bad situation is training. Although it happens, good, respectful, saddle broke horses are much less likely to be sold to feedlots for slaughter. For this reason, we are a small scale rescue that only focuses on several horses at a time. Each horse to go through our rescue will receive an extensive amount of training, time to heal, time to gain weight, or all of the above, to help ensure it will not ever be in a bad position again.

We pride ourselves in knowing each and every one of our rescue horses. We know  their quirks and attitudes, and all of their ailments. We take our horses on trail rides and to small horse shows so that they have the tools to handle new experiences safely, and so that we can be better informed of the horses behavior, responses, likes, and dislikes. This allows us to better pair our horses with their perfect homes and human partners.

All donations made to the Human Animal League and HALThrift go directly, 100% to the rescue horses. We have no paid employees.

A big thank you to our sponsors: K&A Mercil Construction and Design Inc., 307 Mountain Adventurer Photography and Marketing Solutions, L-M Bodywork Services